The Glorious Mess

I have a wonderful privilege of working with a diverse group of people. They all have a variety of backgrounds, experiences, outlooks and mindsets. They have a clear understanding of what they value and what they discard and these things are often interchangeable depending upon the day that they find themselves in. They are a truly eclectic group; full of spontaneity and often mischief.

I am a structured soul. I love order and organisation; when plans change and situations evolve I work hard to adapt and “roll” with what is happening.

I  might have picked the wrong job

You see my ideal youth ministry would involve meeting a group of young people in a particular day, signing them up to a brand new 4 week course which they complete before moving on to another course which would end in them attending a regular small group. They would then all attend Bible college and after that they would all serve back in the youth ministry! A perfect plan!

Unfortunately the people I work with don’t seem to fit into my perfect plan and often I find myself in the middle of situations that I cant fully grasp. Situations that are sad and funny all at once, Holy and Ungodly in the same breath – my structured approach to ministry gets severely challenged

I have decided to name this process “The Glorious Mess” – As much as I’d like to tidy it up I have decided that its beautiful in its dysfunction.

Jesus worked with people who were a part of this glorious mess; The Demon Possessed Man didn’t attend a discipleship class, the Samaritan woman didn’t do alpha and I’m not overly sure where each of the disciples had their conversion moment but yet He journeyed with them some at least some part of that process and that’s what I am called to do with the people I get to journey with.

And it is a process; yes I want to move people towards Him and yes that results in the changing of attitudes and behaviour over time and yes I can help influence that and guide them through that journey but processes are messy.

It may be difficult to pin point exact times, dates and places. There will be days I’ll celebrating and tearing my hair out all at once but the process is happening and it is beautiful.

The sooner I realise this the more God will use me in “The Glorious Mess.”

God also knows that I am likely to try and sweep it up every so often to!

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