So I need an Intern – Why?

Its that time of year again where I begin to think about September and the start of a new ministry year and if you are anything like me then you are thinking about recruiting interns (or whatever word you use) who can help and serve in the incoming year.

Over the past number of years this has been an area I have invested a lot of time in and at times it has been a head scratching journey but the blessing both I and our ministry here has experienced has been well worth it and therefore it is something I need to continually invest in.

From chatting to different people in ministry situations, I’ve realised that we all face the challenge of how to find interns who are willing and able to serve the church.

So I’ve decided to write a few posts on what I feel I have learnt in this area and what I am continuing to learn about the subject.

In this post I want to start at the start – Why do I want to have interns serving within the ministry?

I want to see more in my community – I’m just one of those people who feel that God has called us to grow and develop His church; numerically, spiritually and emotionally. In order to do that I need to invest constantly in leaders because the hours that I can give can no longer increase if I want to keep my family, sanity and health in check – I need other people

I want to develop young leaders – I’ve been blessed to serve under some incredible leaders in my time in ministry and I’ve always been thankful of how they’ve called things out of me, put me in situations that have stretched me and modelled Godly leadership to me. I want to give that away to the next generation of young leaders in my community – my ceiling should be their floor

I’m not enough – I have huge confidence in the ability God has given me to do what I do but the truth is “I am not enough” and I’m not just talking about time. Interns bring skills and abilities that I don’t possess and have a relevance to the young people I work with that a 30 year old married man with a kid struggles to find sometimes. They bring a side to the ministry that I cannot deliver on my own and the interns that I have worked with have contributed and improved what we do tremendously.

Over the next week or two I will post a little about what I feel interns are looking for in a year out program and I will get some of my interns from this year to post what they are looking for and we can compare the difference!

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