So I need an intern…What they are looking for? (in my opinion)

In my previous post I discussed briefly why I need and want interns to serve in my ministry and how I believe it is vital to the future growth and development of leaders within our churches.

I currently have a dedicated group of interns who are on the second half of their ministry year and I have enlisted their help as we discuss this issue.

We came up with 4 questions which we believed would provide helpful answers to anyone looking for interns.

I then decided I would write what I thought the answers were and in the next post the interns will write exactly what the answers to the questions are – I’ll admit I was tempted to see their responses before writing this!

1 – Why did you sign up for a year out?

I think most interns sign up for a year out because they want challenged. The idea of being somewhere new and exciting is all a massive part of it but I believe they want to be a part of something bigger and make their mark on the world. The vast majority of year out students will be in the 18-25 range and I believe a year out gives them their first opportunity to show who they are and establish a new life rhythm. I don’t believe that many prospective interns, at this stage, are thinking about the development of the specific ministry they may be joining but more about their own personal development and I think that is understandable

2 – What 3 things excite you about your year out now?

I think at this point in their internship (3 months in) the students motivations will change. I still believe they want to grow and develop but they will be more specific about what they want to see in their lives and in their ministry areas. So to actually answer the question;

The kids (people they serve with) – my guys are youth interns and I believe the changes in the kids lives will one of the major things that will excite them. Their major excitement will partly shift from their own development and become more concerned with the development of the people they work with.

Their development – I believe at this point their excitement for their own lives within the year out increases and focuses. They have now begun to understand what they can and cant do and are excited to see this develop for the rest of the year.

Their future – I hope and believe the internship gives them a taste of the future and I think a lot of interns will now be excited at what lies ahead both personally and within the ministries they will leave behind in 5 months.

3 – What do you hope to achieve from your year now?

I believe at this point they will want to see their leadership increase, their relationship with Jesus move forward and see the kids, environments they work in to increase, grow and develop.

4 – What surprised you in your year out?

I think most interns are generally surprised at what they can achieve when they are given the opportunity and responsibility to show it. Often when new interns come in they are shocked by how much we trust them with and I think this is vital to the internship process. I believe it is a costly mistake to bring interns in to watch over admin/safe jobs as they want to be stretched and developed even if it does scare them.

Thus ends the post.

I am now off to read what the interns who got back to me actually said about the 3 questions and I’m seriously hoping I don’t end up with egg on my face!!


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