So I need an intern…What they are looking for? (in their opinion)

Over the past couple of weeks I have been posting my thoughts on internship’s; why I feel its important and what I believe they are looking for.

I previously shared that I currently have a dedicated group of interns who are on the second half of their ministry year and I have enlisted their help as we discuss this issue.

We came up with 4 questions which we believed would provide helpful answers to anyone looking for interns.

In the previous post I shared what I thought the answers were and today I want to post what their answers are.

The two interns that are going to be sharing their views in this post are Colleen and Anna.

Colleen is now in her second year interning with Causeway Coast Vineyard. She is a local girl who has been a part of the church for a long time and she was a part of and had volunteered in our church for a long time before signing up to an internship.

She currently heads up a lot of work with young people who are working through some difficult life issues and does an amazing job for us here.
Anna is not very local at all. She has come all the way over from Southern California, after taking a year out of her university course and is now halfway through her first year on the internship (we sincerely hope she stays for longer)

Anna currently co-ordinates our volunteer leaders as well as running one of main structured environments and helping with our schools work.

Now that you know the girls, its time to hear how they responded to the questions that we posed in the last post.

1 – Why did you sign up for a year out?

Colleen – I had no idea what the next step looked like, no more uni (or so I thought). I wanted to do something that I felt mattered and made a difference. When I started talking through what was on my heart and my dream job this internship was a match and such an exciting prospect and challenge. I couldn’t not, even if it meant sacrificing some things.. if i’m being totally honest it was a big choice moment of which is going to define my future; passion or income!

Anna – i wanted to experience what it was to work for a church and better understand all that goes into planning and running a youth environment. i wanted to work with youth and be involved with the church. i wanted to be a part of the team and be connected to the leadership within the church.

2 – What 3 things excite you about your year out now?

Colleen – a) How much I have learnt and am still learning about myself, coming to the place where you surprise yourself.. and believe in yourself. b) That what we do actually counts, watching life change in our young guys. c) That the year isn’t finished yet, there’s so much more we can do. So many more young guys we haven’t even connected with yet!

Anna – getting to know the kids and seeing them grow, developing the existing things and starting new things, watching myself change, grow and flourish as i step into new roles

3 – What do you hope to achieve from your year now?

Colleen – Even more than what we’ve already seen in our community; I want to be part of a generation that changes the negative patterns of the generations before.  Create more environments where young people feel safe, show them relationship that looks healthy and lasts!

Anna – I hope to implement new strategies and leave behind a path for others to continue to develop what has been put in place. i hope to see more young people connecting and coming to faith. i hope to achieve a better skill set as a leader and learning how to lead other leaders and young people!

4 – What surprised you in your year out?

Colleen – How a team of people all doing the same thing can be wired completely different and individual! How different I look when I take myself out of the box I’d put myself in, i’m actually creative and love to pioneer! ..who knew!

Anna – i was really surprised by the amount of what leading brought to the surface of myself that i needed to change and work through. i was surprised at how much really did go into planning things and how much we invest daily into our jobs and our young people. i have been surprised by how much i have connected with these kids and celebrated their victories and mourned their losses as if they were my own

I hope this has been helpful to you if you are planning and thinking about internship programmes for your ministry and if you are looking for a place to intern then feel free to give us a shout!

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