Thanks Exodus

As I watched the transforming power of God in peoples lives yesterday in church I couldn’t help but reflect on how God had changed my own life and how he used certain people and places in that journey. One of the major things that played a huge part in that transformation was Exodus, a NI based youth discipleship organisation – check out the website if you haven’t already  at

Exodus started back in 1997 with the vision to provide a positive, safe alternative venue for young people in the North West of Northern Ireland. On top of that in its first year it launched its first Exodus discipleship team, which my now wife was a part of. To date around 3500 young people have taken part in Exodus teams and experienced a range of life changing experiences.

This was absolutely my experience. I remember going to Exodus to hear a whole host of bands playing and while there I heard of a music team who be travelling around Europe in the summer – I was hooked! I applied for the team and thanks to some wonderful grace from Jim Brown I was accepted on the team. Through that team I learnt what following Jesus was all about and met friends who encouraged and challenged me (and still do) – it signalled a huge change in my life.

After finishing University I ended up working for Exodus for 3 years; 3 years which taught me a lot about who I am, a lot about leadership, discipleship, strategy and many other things which have helped me in what I am currently involved in through Destination:Home.

So, why am I writing this? Well very simply, I want to honour Exodus; for the work they have done in my life and countless others both here in Northern Ireland and across the world through their discipleship programme.

I also would encourage any youth workers who are looking for ways to disciple the young people in their churches to check them out and their 360 Adventure or Export programme.

Finally if you are between 15-25 I would encourage to get involved with teams, Saturday programmes, mentoring or whatever else you can see.

Thanks Exodus

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