The Leadership Hokey Cokey – Step 1

Dancing; one of the many things that divides us. As you look around at any wedding party you can tell what generation people are from, who is introverted or extroverted, and who would rather be anywhere but near the floor. There is however one unifying moment at any gathering – The Hokey Cokey

We all love a dance with actions, even though we might be loathed to admit it; there’s just something about the song telling you an instruction that means that you are at least doing the same thing as everyone else, under no pressure to think of a slick move to impress the onlookers.

Sometimes I kind of wish leadership had similar instructions; I wish there was a simple rule book so we knew that if we followed it exactly we would be a God centred, risk taking, swash buckling leader.

The other week I was speaking with some of our youth interns about what leadership is and how we can effectively push into it. So, I decided I would come up with my own leadership Hokey Cokey; four leadership dance moves that I will be committing to. These aren’t rocket science but the further that I lead out of my comfort zone the more I see their importance in my daily leadership.

We’ll start today with Step 1;

Face Down

Good leaders lead from a place of intimacy with Jesus. Leaders I follow are asking & listening to God’s direction and are obedient to His instruction and I as I continue my journey as a leader I need to learn from this non-negotiable move; it has to be the start-point. The truth is we will struggle to lead well when we aren’t actively and consistently listening to the voice of God.

In 1st Samuel David, a wise, courageous and uncompromising young leader, and his army, are returning from battle. They no doubt are excited about being home and seeing family but when they arrive they find out that while they were gone an enemy had arrived and burned their home town to the ground and had taken the woman and children. David’s men are naturally pretty upset and as ever take their frustration out on their leader and are even ready to stone him because of their grief (a slightly unfair reaction in my opinion).

David must have been under huge pressure to make an aggressive, revenge filled decision at this point. A decision to avenge the injustice would have roused the troops and lifted the considerable pressure off David but this was not his first move. He instead he calls for the priest and asks the Lord these questions

“Shall I pursue the raiding party; Will I overtake them?”

David wants to know his next step and what the likely out come will be. The Lord replies and tells him that he should go after them and that David and his men will recover what was taken from them. David then calls the men together and after a long chase they finally recover everything and everyone that was taken from them.

Throughout David’s reign he committed to this practise and his biggest mistakes usually came at times where he seemed to neglect this vital hokey cokey step. David led with his face down, he consulted the Lord on his next move. I wonder when the last time was we made a decision in our ministry based only on the Lord’s direction rather than our own ability and experience.

What I do as a leader is too important and time consuming to be heading in a direction that isn’t set by Him.

I will put up steps 2,3 and 4 in the coming days but in the mean time I say we all practise step 1!

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Hokey Cokey Cokey ……………………………………………………………………………….

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