Step 4 – The Leadership Hokey Cokey

(A few days ago I began a discussion on the leadership Hokey Cokey focusing on Step 1 – keeping our Face Down. You can check out the post here if you missed it and follow from there!)

We are 3/4 of the way there. Face down, Head up, Shoulder in and finally…..

Arms Open

Good leaders tend to bring others along on the journey. They know that they are a part of a process; someone went before them and someone will come after them.

I am deeply grateful for the leaders that have gone before me; the leaders that learnt things the hard way so that I can pick them up without having to fight as hard for them. The leaders that broke down the walls that I can stride through, the leaders that allowed their ceiling to be my floor.

The Bible is jam-packed full of these moments. Whether it is Elijah handing over to Elisha, David gathering his men around him while he was on the run, Paul and the different people he included in the New Testament and of course Jesus and the disciples.

I don’t particularly think Jesus needed the disciples to do what He did; Jesus was more than capable of achieving what He did on His short time in ministry without the help of the disciples, so why did He bother gathering them?

Jesus taught a lesson that we need to remember as leaders; it’s not about “what” gets done but “who” gets done. Jesus was constantly teaching, stretching and challenging His disciples. It’s no mystery that when they were chosen they wouldn’t have been the people society would have chosen to do what Jesus had in mind but through his leadership they carried his message far and wide and allowed the gospel to reach people like me. It’s truly amazing to see who they became through being with Jesus.

Leadership ability can be most seen in the strength of the people that gather around leaders; good people don’t gather around bad leaders.

Arms open leadership will increase mess. Allowing others in on the journey will create tension, awkwardness & mistakes – just like trying to find a place you don’t know in the car becomes more stressful when there is more than just you in the car. There will be times when you look at the actions of others and think you would have done it a lot differently and there may be moments when you regret bringing them on the journey, but each time this happens think about the leader that looked at you and thought the same thing.

Through good leadership and training many of these leaders you gather will catch it and do incredible things and as a leader there is nothing more satisfying than watching a younger leader advance the kingdom through their actions.

I encourage you to look at what you are currently involved in and as you do think about who could come alongside what you are involved in. What are the jobs that no longer stretch you but could be a learning point for someone else?

And so we are ready for the Leadership Hokey Cokey. These are moves I need to constantly practice and refine and I’m aware that the first times I try them they are unlikely to feel natural and at times I will get it wrong; just like the first time you try any dance!

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