Response and Sibility

“I don’t like how technology has made us so introverted”

“My kids are learning nothing in that school”

“Those stupid computer games are taking over our house”

These are a few select quotes that I’m guessing most of us have uttered at some point in life and I’m sure all of us will have heard. The other day I was pondering some of these thoughts (that’s a fancy way of saying I was thinking the same thing) and then it struck me;

When did we become such a blame culture?

I mean if we are honest we see this happening everywhere. I have lost count of the amount of accident/compensation adverts I see on TV. Sometimes I even find myself blaming them for perpetuating this blame culture we can be susceptible to (any one see the irony in that statement!) In so many situations people are looking for someone to blame; whether it’s the economic crisis, the care system, the weather; the list goes on.

In my readings over the past number of weeks I have been looking through the story of creation. It’s an amazing recounting of the construction of a perfect world full of beauty and wonder; then comes the moment which changes the landscape of this world forever. Adam and Eve, with interference from the enemy decide to take a bite from the fruit God had told them to leave untouched.

Not long after this incident we read that the Lord was walking in the garden and He comes across Adam. Knowing that Adam has eaten the fruit He questions him about it. Adam responds;

“The woman you put here with me-she gave me some fruit from the tree, and I ate it.”

And blame is welcomed into the world

The Lord then turns to Eve and asks her what she has done and Eve responds;

“The serpent deceived me, and I ate.”

In each instance, although they admit that they ate, their initial response is to push the blame elsewhere. They had been deceived by the snake in the garden but ultimately they had disobeyed the Lord’s personal instruction to them and I’m sure if there had been there would have been an inquiry placed by Adam and Eve.

I often ponder about Adam and Eve and think “What were you doing?”  They had it all; perfection, an intimate face to face relationship with the Lord and they threw it all away, but the more I examine my own life the more I realise I’m as bad if not worse.

Adam and Eve never fully seem to assume responsibility for what they have done. They admit and nod towards the fact but there seems to be no sense of a devastated repentance…but justification does raise its head in their responses.

It sounds all too familiar doesn’t it?

You see, the questions and concerns I highlighted at the start of this post may be very true and the reality of them is what makes us comment on them. We are forgetting one simple reality though;

Jesus calls us to be culture changers not culture consumers

Can technology make us more introverted? Yes, depending on how we choose to use that technology.

Can schools do a poor job at teaching? Yes, but if our kids are motivated to learn and are encouraged from home they will still learn.

Can computer games take over the house? Absolutely! If they are allowed to they will.

We can’t hide from the world around us but we do get to choose where our priorities lie; we get to choose what culture we carry and what values permeate our lives. We get to assume responsibility for our actions and stand up to the blame culture we have been giving fuel to.

With that in mind I would like to propose a reworking of our earlier questions;

“I don’t like how we’ve allowed technology to make us more introverted. We need to choose better in this area to prevent us cutting off valuable community”

“Even if I feel the school could be doing a better job, I need to encourage my child to work hard and take the responsibility on at home”

“We need to rethink how we allow computer games to carry influence in our home”

Ps. if anyone has a problem with anything I have written you can’t blame me!!!


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