Agenda Open

Everyone has an agenda.

And contrary to popular belief I believe that this is no bad thing. Having an agenda, a direction or a move to action, to use its correct definition, is vitally important when it comes to leadership and the future of any organisation, church or event.

It is vital though that our agendas never become hidden or unclear; no one in the communities we work and serve in likes a hidden agenda, and no church, organisation or event can be effective when it is unclear.

What is your agenda?

As a church our God given agenda is to transform the community we live in one life at a time; we want to see fear replaced with faith, despair replaced with joy, ugliness replaced by beauty. We want to see hope in the streets and the hearts of the people of our community and we believe Jesus is the source to bring these things to fruition.

There are very few people in our community who would disagree with that agenda although there may be a few people who would beg to differ when it comes to the source of the transformation.


Here’s the thing though; I’ve found that not that many people seem to mind the source of the changes provided that the change comes.

I once had a meeting with a headmaster about trying to make a difference in his school. It was a school that I believed God had clearly directed me to and I was anxious to see what we could do. We talked about the possibility of us offering some extra classroom assistance in Maths and English classes as well as lunchtime support in the canteen. The headmaster loved the idea but naturally was a little worried about how the board and teachers would view our involvement.

Did we have a hidden agenda?

The schools agenda was to ensure that all their pupils got the best education possible and that they would be best prepared for life beyond school. I explained that I had exactly the same agenda. I was open and explained that I thought Jesus would play a big part in that but made it very clear that if they never wanted me to mention the name of Jesus within the school then that was fine by me.

They jumped at the chance and we began serving. Within a year we were serving 20-25 hours a week within the school and they kept coming and asking for more support in other areas. The school has seen improvement in the marks and in the behaviour of the pupils in the classes we are serving in. We now see a high number of kids from this school come along to attend youth events we run during the week; in fact the school often encourages their participation because they see how helpful this is to the teenagers.

The fact that I don’t agree with all the schools methods and the fact that they wouldn’t believe in everything we believe in doesn’t seem to matter when lives are changing. If we desire to change our communities we must be open about who we are and what we want to do. We must be prepared to serve and partner with people and organisations that have an agenda to see what we see even though it may come from another source.

Everyone has an agenda; find out what it is and let’s get on with transforming communities

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