Once a Barista…………

My wife once worked for a well know coffee establishment (the name rhymes with Bartucks). She worked as a barista, the starting job for anyone working in the store. She was incredibly good at her job, it fitted her really well. She was great with people and loved ensuring the customer was first, she cared about making the perfect drink, she always had a smile on her face, loved the product she was selling and she was fair and honest when it came to dealing with money, breaks, time off.

If you were working as a manager you would be delighted to have a staff member like my wife. In fact if you were a manager with any kind of leadership skill you would want to see my wife promoted into a leadership position so that she could model the characteristics and values which were (and still are) evident in her to other staff. You would also be thinking that she would have a desire to grow into this role and further her skill, position and pay within the company. That’s what her store manager thought and as you would expect she approached my wife about a promotion within the store.

My wife’s answer was no. 

It wasn’t because the growth opportunities, pay structure or responsibilities weren’t challenging enough.The simple reason was that my wife had zero desire to become a manager. She loved being and was amazing at being a barista and knew she would be a poor manager (her words not mine). She knew that taking this position would remove her from the things that she was best at.

She didn’t understand why people found this hard to grasp. She was in her sweet spot. She liked her job, she was good at it and people enjoyed the job she did. Of course a little bit more money would always be welcome but it didn’t matter enough to change where she was currently. She felt that this was where God wanted her to be and she liked where He had placed her. She was in the midst of where the Father wanted her to be and was living out her Kingdom assignment in this coffee shop.

This got me thinking.

The desire of every believer is to be in that place; in the middle of where God wants you to be. When you are in that place things happen in a way that is impossible to replicate simply through human effort. His favour is all over it. It’s the difference between pushing a car up a hill or down a hill; the same job is being done each time but the difference in the results achieved and effort expended will be huge.

I am one of those people who is always looking to what’s next. If I am working on one thing I am constantly thinking about how to take the next step, how to move into the next part. If I had been in her position as a barista I would have jumped at the chance to have been a manager and then would have set my eyes on the next part culminating in seeking to own the whole of the company one day in the future. If you are anything like me you may feel like you want to lead at the highest level you can. Maybe you are desperate for more responsibility and authority. Maybe you think a better role will help you achieve all that God has for you. 

I would ask you to pause.

That may well be what God has for you but you don’t want to begin pushing that agenda if it isn’t open to you yet. Instead spend your time understanding what you are good at and be the best that you can where you are. If the Father chooses to elevate you then that new role will fit you perfectly but if that isn’t the case then you do not want to be there. No one wants to push a car up a hill. 

Make His presence your goal, not the next promotion. The Father desires to bring increase to His children but it is He that bestows it, our job is to stay close, listen in and boldly step forward when the door opens. 

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