If it ain’t broke…. 3 reasons change must happen

I’ll admit it; I love change (mostly)

When it comes to looking at ways that we have completed something I love to find new ways that would make it quicker and more effective next time. I am always looking for new apps, programs and techniques to improve tasks or activities. If I’m being honest my success level is varied when it comes to this but I enjoy the chase, I love the thought of what could be.

I realise that some of us will not relish change and some of us downright dislike it. To those of you who feel this I am probably a deeply frustrating part of your life!

Unfortunately I am not here to apologise because I think change has to become a part of our lives if we want to grow.

  • Change must happen because growth must happen

No one I have met desires to be the same in a years time. We all want to change something, whether that is to lose some weight, get fitter, read a book, take more risks etc. Everyone desires to grow in some way. Growth requires change; by its very nature it requires something to alter that is in current existence in order to take on its new form.

I’ve been married for 9 and a half years and have known my wife for around 13 years. As I reflect over the years I have realised that we love each other differently today than we did in the beginning. Before you begin to panic this doesn’t mean our marriage is in crisis; in fact it’s quite the opposite.

How we love each other hasn’t changed  because something is broken in our relationship but because something is building in our relationship

We want to grow in our love for each other. We have had to be intentional about how we love as time has gone on because my wife has changed as a person over the years, I have changed as a person over the years and our circumstances have changed over the years.  It’s important that we are aware of how to love each other today if we want to see our marriage grow from strength to strength.

If things in our lives are growing then they are changing. If we want them to continue to grow we must continue to change.

  • Change must happen because we were called to create 

As I have alluded to, we all have different personalities; some of us are pioneers and others are settlers. Even within those classifications we are all different in how we pioneer or settle but regardless of our make up I believe there is an inbuilt desire in all people to create.  We can’t be created in the image of God and not have the desire to create because He is the creator.

If we are not seeing creation happen on some level we will feel a lack, an emptiness, something will be missing in us. We are called to create. It’s why we will develop new passions and interests, new friendships and habits. These ‘new’ things can’t happen without change, they require a reposition, a rethink, a reordering of what we currently have going on.

Every creation involves a change, it involves the bringing to life of something that didn’t exist before. Once it is created it will have an effect on the things that are around it, they will change because of its presence.

I remember when our son was born and we brought him home. All of a sudden lots of things in our house began to change; how we used space in our home, the music we listened to, the temperature we set our thermostat to, the time we woke up etc.

We can’t not create, and we can’t create without change occurring. We need to change because we need to create.

  • Change must happen because there is more available 

The phrase “If it aint broke don’t fix it” is one we like to throw around when we think through issues of change or doing things differently. There are times when this ‘may’ be wisdom but too often often it is masking a deeper issue – fear. I’ve used the phrase myself at times when I felt overwhelmed or when I didn’t quite understand the change that someone else was proposing. But this is such a limited and limiting response to change.

The truth is there are and were lots of things in culture that were working great but when they changed we realised that we were walking into a new future because of them.

Think about your mobile/cell phones. I loved my old Nokia 3310 at university; I could talk on it, text on it and play snake. It didn’t break, in fact it’s probably upstairs somewhere. It did things that 5 years previous I didn’t realise would be possible but as I sit with my iPhone today I am deeply grateful that someone decided to change it. In years I will look back at this post and think the same about my beloved iPhone.

Change is not just required when something is broken. It is required when there is something more to be broken into.

If we want to move into all that is ahead of us we need to embrace the changes required to do so.

I’ll admit it; I love change (mostly)

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