2017 – The songs that marked the year for me…..

I’m a huge fan of music, I love how it creates memories and marks moments in our lives.

As I sit at the beginning of a new year reflecting over the last one I began to think through the songs that marked my year, a year that was one of huge transition for our family, so I thought it would be fun to share them with you.

I realise that many of these were released before 2017 but last year was when they became markers for me. Don’t judge me……..

1 – Blessings (Chance the Rapper) at the end of 2016/start of 2017 this was a tune I listened to a lot, mainly while decorating my house. I don’t love bad language in songs which is why I didn’t listen to too much of the rest of the album but this song is awesome.

2 – Tilted (Christine and the Queens) – saw them preform on a TV show I was watching and I was hooked on this album for months. The guy I shared my office with in those months was less hooked!

3 – Eyes Shut (Years & Years) – love listening to this with my headphones on. So many layers and builds in this song. When I’ve heard it performed live it unfortunately doesn’t live up to the recording.

4 – Hope & Glory (Tim Hughes)I was in Columbus Ohio in April last year and up at some ridiculous hour. I put this song in and had an incredible encounter with God. The bridge and chorus of this song are so so good.

5 – Castle on the Hill (Ed Sheehan) – In truth I could have chosen any song off this album as it was our summer soundtrack but this one sums it all up; every time I hear it I want to get out for a run.

6 – Gods Great Dancefloor (Martin Smith) – Martin led at our conference this year and this song sticks in my mind every time I think back to it. It is also my son’s favourite worship song.

7 – One Last Time (Ariana Grande) – Not an artist I would usually listen to but after the Manchester attack this song took on huge relevance and watching Ariana preform it at the follow up concert was an incredible moment so it makes it on the list.

8 – Try Everything (Shakira) – Zootropolis was one of the films my family enjoyed this year and this song is the main soundtrack. I spent may car journeys singing this with my wife and my boy and I still love hearing it.

9 – Pieces (Amanda Cook) – I often walk out the back of my house in the morning as I pray and this song accompanied me many times. The final chorus is simply stunning and I feel God’s presence every time I hear it.

10 – Dancing on My Own (Calum Scott) – I’m a sucker for a piano ballad and this cover was the ballad of the year for me.

11 – One Dance (Drake) – This song signalled a change in music for me and it opened me to a whole style I hadn’t sampled before. I ‘m still not sure if I like this song if I’m being honest but it’s important to me.

12 – Want You Back (HAIM) – I was a little undecided on HAIM until this album and this song was undoubtedly the stand out. I have it on repeat still.

13 – Reckless Love (Corey Asbury) – A worship leader led this song at our church and I was blown away. I feel like I’ve never really sung a worship song like this before, a song that feels new and I still love singing it.

14 – It Ain’t Me (Kygo & Selena Gomez) –  This is on my running soundtrack so I have spent lots of time pounding with this in my ears. I could have put any Kygo track here by the way.

15 – Blinded By Your Grace, Pt 2 (Stormzy) – I first heard this on the radio while driving home from work and couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It sounds like a worship song, absolutely stunning. The rest of the album is a no go for me because of the E beside each track which is such a shame.

Ps – This is not me endorsing any of these artists or the themes of the songs, I’ve just enjoyed listening to them this year.


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