Is anything too hard……

I believe every church, ministry or individual has a desire to see change. This makes sense because we follow a God who tends to call us into action when change is required. What I’ve come to realise is that often the change that is required is not an easy one, and we quickly find out that the new thing we are a part of doesn’t always see the speed of change we had hoped for, if it sees any change at all. It can become really hard work.

We still carry a calling and a desire to see change but often run out of ideas for and/or hope that it could ever come to pass.

Maybe we’ve been called to a schools ministry but found that the school boards in our area are opposed to allowing us to help. Maybe we desire to serve our cities in practical ways but there are by-laws that make our ideas naturally impossible. Maybe it’s a relative that won’t let us talk about Jesus or a boss or system that closes down prayer and sharing of the gospel.

I have been reading the book of Exodus and I was struck again by the seemingly impossible task Moses had been given by God. He had the unenviable task of convincing Pharaoh that he should let the Israelites, who were serving as slaves, to leave his country. He had to convince a man who needed these slaves, a man who didn’t know God because he worshipped other gods, and a man in fact, who believed he was a god. God even told Moses that this guy was going to be tough.

“Pharaoh said, “Who is the Lord, that I should obey him and let Israel go? I do not know the Lord and I will not let Israel go.””

Exodus‬ ‭5:2‬ ‭NIV‬‬

A daunting task? Definitely!

We have the advantage of time and hindsight; we know the end of the story, we know that it came to pass , but we can’t forget that Moses didn’t. All He had was the call of God on his life. His belief in this truth and his persistence in keeping returning to the father and to Pharaoh provided the means through which God was able to establish His people and move them into freedom.

Is anything too hard for the Lord? Absolutely not.

Is anything too hard for us? Unfortunately it seems so.

We must push into the most impossible situations if we want to see possibility reign. If it wasn’t hard it would already be happening.

Here are a few things to remember if we are facing difficulty today in what we have been called into.

1 – It often gets harder before anything changes

Moses’ first interactions with Pharaoh and the people didn’t go well. The conditions under which the Israelites lived became harder not easier, and they let Moses know their annoyance at this. In the early days progress can seem slow, if it even feels like progress at all.

2 – It can be lonely in the push

The road to making the impossible possible isn’t travelled by many. Even though Moses was trying to bring change to thousands and thousands of people, there weren’t many of them voicing their support for Him. This must have been lonely for him but I’m so glad he continued to do what he’d been called to do.

3 – The reward may not be ours to enjoy

Sometimes this can be the toughest. Moses never got to walk in the fulfilment of the freedom God was bringing the Israelites into. Moses never got to set foot on the land he was supposed to deliver them to. Often the change we are called to motion may not be fulfilled within our lifetime or we may be called to raise up others to see it through. The choice for us is whether the change we want to see corporately is bigger than our need to see it personally.

If today we aren’t seeing what we hoped for then we return to the Lord and keep leaning in. If He has called us, and we continue in His calling we will see change but we must be prepared to push in even if we aren’t seeing the mountain move.

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